Looking for Some More Help?


Looking for more help with your dog with problems in your home, on walks or with the whole family? 

In-home sessions provide a "house call" style service for you and your dog. 


Popular topics for in home sessions include but are not limited to:

- House manners

- Resource Gaurding 

- Crate training

- Leash skills

- Nervous dogs

- General Obedience

Distraction Training

"My dog is great at home but any time I leave my house it's like the training just falls out of his head!"

You might need distraction training. Our trainer will meet you at a busy location outside our facility and help you teach your dog how to handle distractions and take your training to a whole new level! 


In-Home Puppy

Is this your first dog? Are you unsure about the best ways to care for them? Are you getting lots of opinions and are unable to tell puppy fact from puppy poo? 

Our In-home puppy session are tailored for first time dogs owners just like you!

Our trainer will come to you to help set up the right environment for your puppy, created the best schedule for your family and your dog, give you helpful advice to avoid bad habits, and recommend the best food, treats, toys and more to get you started! 

We highly recommend attending our Puppy School along with this type of training. 

Click the link for more information on Puppy School.

Puppy School