Board & Train

Your dog will stay with us and we will train them for you.


How it works:

Board and Train is a MINIMUM stay of 3 weeks.

This includes follow up private sessions for you and your dog.

We work on your dog's obedience training a few times a day for the best result.

They will learn:

- Sit/ down

- Down and stay

- Recall (Come)

- Heel

- Off/Leave it

- Leash Skills


What you need to bring:

- Enough food for their entire stay (We will feed your dog if they run out but it will cost you extra!)

- Any medication with a description of how to deliver them.

- A flat collar (no halters, choke chains collars, prong collars, or gentle leaders)

- A bed (optional)

- A copy of their vaccination records (1st time only)


Other Important Information:

* Private follow up sessions are mandatory afterwards to learn how to use your dogs new skills.