Does your dog have too much energy? Looking to socialize your puppy? Or are you just going to away for the day? 

Bring your dog to our daycare and you'll get back a tired happy pup!


Daycare at our facility is open every day of the week!

Our daycare dogs are combined with our boarding dogs so they never run out of play mates.

They go into the kennel at lunch time to eat, digest and rest before going out to play all afternoon!

Our drop off for daycare is between 8-10am and pick up is between 4-6pm.


How to Book:

Call or text at any time to book daycare for your pup. 

Please give us at LEAST 24 hours notice for daycare. Just like boarding we fill up fast for daycare. So, if you want to guarantee your spot, please book well in advance.  


What your dog needs for daycare:

- A flat collar (no halters, choke chain collars, prong collars or gentle leaders

- Lunch (optional)

- A copy of vaccination papers (1st visit only)

-Boarding application (first visit only, fill it out ahead of time by downloading it from out Boarding page)


Other important information:

* Please do not feed your dog breakfast before daycare. Either feed extra in the evening or you can bring us a bag of their food to eat at lunch time.

* Please be ready to chat and fill out some paperwork on your first visit