Intermediate Obedience Class

Give your dog's training a boost with our Obedience Class.

Class runs Thursday at 6:00pm

How it works:

Our Obedience Class is for intermediate to advance dogs and owners. 

In this class you will work on:

- Leash skills

- Heel skills 

- Long and short distance down/sit stays

- Long and short distance recalls

- Ignoring distractions

- Placement

- Off/Leave it

- Positions (sit, down, stand)

Class Syllabus

What you need to bring:

- A LOT of high value treats (a high value treat consists of a treat that the puppy will only get for training and is very very special to them. Their kibble will not work.)

- Prong Collar (correctly sized for your dog)

- A short leash (best leash is 4-6 ft. NO Flexi leashes)

- Water (water will be provided but bring your own if you wish)

- A 10 foot leash (optional)


Please no: halters, extendable leashes, muzzles or gentle leaders

How to Book:

Please call or text us any time at: (647)-519-5653

*Note: New clients may be directed to Private Sessions first to make sure the group is the right fit for you and your dog.


Other Important information:

*In order to have the best training experience please wait to feed your dog dinner until after class. Also, please keep your dog quiet during the day. Dogs need a lot of energy and food motivation to train.