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Frédérick Labrousse's passion for dogs started at an early age. Growing up with dogs, he was fortunate enough to experience the mutual benefits of the human-canine relationship, and quickly understood why dogs have been distinguished as “man’s best friend”. This love for dogs not only enriched his childhood; it was the stepping-stone in a lifelong commitment to studying canine behaviour and temperament through personal interactions and experiences.


Spending a substantial amount of time and energy at Paris animal shelters, he was able to gain invaluable experience dealing with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and coming from all walks of life. His time spent working at shelters revealed that dogs classified as 'problem dogs' were often not 'problem dogs', they were in actuality, great dogs that lacked the proper guidance, and nurturing from their human counterparts. From this point forward, he knew his mission in life was to pass on the tools needed to help others achieve the human-canine relationship he experienced as a child.


The next step in life was for him to obtain the dog training certifications necessary to help establish his career as a certified dog trainer. His years as a trainer eventually lead him to the exciting sport of French Ring. This highly competitive sport helped him refine his training methods and enhanced his understanding of canine behaviour.


In 2007, he placed first overall in the International Cup of French Ring.

After spending over 15 years as a high-level French Ring handler, trainer, and decoy, and having the opportunity to work with the highest quality trainers in France, he decided to come to Canada in order to share his love and knowledge of dog training. Since 2010, he has conducted over 20 seminars across Canada, and has decided to settle in King City, Ontario in order to establish his own canine boarding and training centre.

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