Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Is he/she destructive? Does he/she walk uncontrollably?Does your dog bark in your absence ? Do damage to you or your home ? Pull on the leach ? Jump on the people ? Is he aggressive ? Is he fearful ? Does not return when you call ? Then you are on the right site !

Dog TrainingMy experience as a coach and athletic dog trainer and my knowledge of canine behavior and psychology will help me find solutions to your problems.

We will help your dog fine his place in your family (pack). As well trained dog will bring your satisfaction My mission is to promote and teach obedience and dog training to help dogs become better canine citizens and to improve your understanding of your faithful companion.

The services offered by Frederick will make your dog useful and pleasant companion. His qualifications as an educator and canine trainer are certified and recognized by the I.C.F (International Canine Federation).