Puppy School

The puppy school is the first step in educating your dog. In this class you will have sociabilisation, games, and environmental discovery. As well, you will teach your puppy to not bite your hands, not jump on people, not destroy things in your home,house training, and learning to stay alone at home.

Together with other 4 legged friends, your puppy will learn all the basics.

North Toronto K9 Center - Puppy School sessionHow the session take place :

The session will begin with games in a closed area where dogs will be without leash and you will get to know each other through the games (Alwys under supervision from you and the trainer).

After that, we will begin obedience with short exercises that will help your dog develop the desire to train with you.

At the end, we will do short exercises to give your dog confidence in things such as, climbing stairs, tunnels, different sound, and visual stimuli.

North Toronto K9 Center - Puppy School sessionDuring all session the trainer will be present and will help you and your puppy to obtain the best results. He will answer all of our question with pleasure.

At the end of the course, your puppy will be able to obey your basic commands like, sit, down, come,  and to be around different obstacles while working next to you.



Puppy SchoolPuppy SchoolPuppy SchoolPuppy School